The Fall of 2023

A Twitter climate roundup

Jonny Axelsson
1 min readNov 4, 2023

Twixter is not what it used to be, but here are an eclectic roundup of climate/energy posts of recent months.

The bypassing

On power generation, we are reaching an inflection point. When new power is added, it is most likely to be renewable as new fossil power is falling fast. Existing fossil power plants are yet to be decommissioned.

On mobility, we’re in motion, but not there yet. On heating and cooling, it’s just warming up. On industrial production and construction, still a long way to go, and land use still more busy to limit harm rather than to do good.

All in all we’re reaching peak global emissions, but we need to get far below that peak towards (real) net zero.

Climate crisis

The trajectory: Where are we going?

Meanwhile, as we are turning, emissions keep adding up.

The engine: What makes this happen?

The swerve

Desinformation As A Service

Desinformation is easier than ever, and with a plethora of elections coming up, expect more fossil-friendly interests to do their worst.

“Next year roughly 4 billion people are going to have elections and this is going to affect a whole series of geopolitical issues. Ali and I are following
March 2024: Russia and Ukraine
June 2024: Austria and EU
TBD UK and Ireland
Asia including India,Taiwan and Indonesia
Nine [fifteen actually] African countries including South Africa
November 2024: USA


Climate may be the largest factor inpacting the environment, but it is far from the only one.